Reach Teach and
make an Impact

Who we are

We are pleased for this opportunity to introduce ourselves today and share some of our personal journey with God.

We have served in various ministries throughout the world, in various aspects, such as leadership, teaching, counseling, youth ministry, and children ministry.

In 2005, we moved back to the United States, East Coast, we quickly discovered, the years to come would give us some great opportunities to learn from several different ministries.

In 2007, a door opened to work in the inner cities of SE Washington DC to reach out in communities, were the hopelessness of poverty, drug, alcohol and other life controlling problems has become a way of life.

Together with "Kids Connection" and two other ministries, we received hands on training; especially how to do effective street evangelism, and reaching out to those with many needs, it became a time of much giving but also receiving.

In 2008, we returned back to Europe Germany, to fulfill the call and commission, to start an Outreach Family Ministry: "Leaders that equip others".

Larry and Marion are as Missionaries/Pastors connected with Summit Christian Fellowship CA, USA, "Taking the Gospel to the Nations". In Europe they have become partners with the Fellowship of International churches Europe, FECI, and GLOBAL and together they continue to Reach, Teach and make an Impact.

Education: Summit bible college BHD in Theology, KIMI school, Christian Clown School, and training Metro World Child ministries. is established as a non-profit organization e.V in Germany.
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