Extendoutministies International Outreach: we seek to lead the future generation into an active relationship and presence of God. Child/youth evangelism is very crucial, and our mission efforts are reprioritized and redirected towards the 4/14 age group.

The outreaches take place in the local community as well international.
It's our passion to take charge of the opportunities that come our way.
Our goal is to work together with churches and organizations, with the
same vision: "To reach and empower the next generation".

Use a different approach

Our approach to evangelism is creative using a relevant message, art and object lessons, hands on training, discipleship.

It's our desire to reach the young people in an authentic way, we challenge them with the truth in ways that capture their attention and overcome cultural and traditional prejudices.

The gospel is the power of salvation but people must first hear it before they can believe.

A window of opportunity

“4/14 movement” is a window of opportunity, and it refers to the demographic group from age four to fourteen years old, which is the most open and receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input. As we minister to the young generation,
we believe they can become spiritual champions, “transformed”, and in turn will affect and “transform” the next generation.

Reach out beyond

It is our desire to reach out and go beyond the four walls of the church, through evangelism outreaches; family ministry, children/youth ministry, bible studies, impact meetings, discipleship and service, to reach the nations within the nations.

Network to make an impact

Together, we can make a great impact as we partner, network and organize to serve the young generation and give them the opportunity to hear the message and include them with their talents and gifts.
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